Thursday, July 16, 2015

Self-Hate Is So Much More Harmful Than Being A Fat Babe Is



Eff everyone who's ever tried to get me to hate my body. Self-hate is so much more harmful than being a fat babe is. I know what it's like to despise your body, and that kind of negativity creeps out into all aspects of your life. It's terrible.

I spent so long hating my body, trying to starve myself to lose weight, working out without eating until I’d pass out and just doing all kinds of unhealthy things. I’m over it. I eat a healthy vegetarian diet, I get enough exercise, I don’t pollute my body with smoking, drugs or excessive alcohol, and I’m goddamn proud of myself for morphing into the body-positive fat girl I am today.

There's such a powerful liberation that comes with accepting yourself just as you are- perceived flaws and all. I say "perceived" because the concept of a flaw is completely arbitrary; for example, there are things that my friends dislike about themselves that I adore them for, etc. There's a powerful beauty that comes from body positivity and loving yourself as-is, without any qualifiers tacked on at the end.


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