Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fat Babe In A Crop Top/Eff You, Oprah Magazine

The above image popped up in my IG newsfeed this morning, and I was instantly infuriated. It's a section from Oprah Magazine telling people they can only pull off crop tops if they're thin. You'd think that Oprah's magazine of all zines would know better than to offer bullshit body-shaming advice like this, being that Oprah herself is plus size, but apparently not.

Instead of telling women what they can and can't wear based on their body types, a more productive, read-worthy magazine would choose to empower women to wear whatever makes them feel confident and beautiful. I love crop tops and will wear them whether or not society or some idiotic editorial in a magazine disapproves. I have the right to feel beautiful, and I don't owe anyone 'flattering'.

Crop tops can look good on everyone. Style isn't size-exclusive, and if I feel like baring my tummy in the name of fatshion, I will! In fact, I think I'll wear a crop top for the rest of the week, because eff Oprah's magazine and every other publication or person who tries to body-shame people into adhering to a ridiculous set of size-exclusive fashion "rules".


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